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Welcome to Hampton Tiles!

We are proud to present our work. We create the best value through innovative, high-quality products and services. Our projects are built using the latest technologies and best talents. The benefits of our building methods guarantee quality for many years to come.

We Love Designs! And that’s how we got here.

From corporate ethics to sustainability, our commitment to our customers remains the same: Sourcing, designing, and providing quality products that people and businesses can believe in and trust.

Ground-breaking design, products’ high technical standards, and an innate focus on continuous innovation have been constant throughout our history. This has brought us recognition as supreme representatives of quality work, not only in the sale of indoor and outdoor ceramic floor and wall coverings but also in sanitary ware and brassware.

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London Office

Find out why Hampton tiles are your resource for inspiration and top-quality tile products.  Visit our London office and get all your queries answered and looked at. We have the right products, talented designers, and years of experience.  We won’t let you trust your dream project to just anyone next door!

Our expertise in the tile industry is solidified by years of experience, credibility, and a great track record. Our success lies in our core values of trust and customer orientation, which induces us to improve and provide our clients with offerings that excel in quality and work closely with them from the beginning where we assist in the specifications of the project, until the end when the work is completed and everything is perfectly in place. We turn each project into a wonderful experience which not only makes it convenient for the client but is also unrivaled by anyone else in the industry.

We work in partnership with interior designers and architects which enables us to handpick each and every element while taking care of design ethos and aesthetics. We assign dedicated personnel from our professional team who will be your point of contact throughout your journey with us. No job is too small for Hampton Tiles, we recognize and respect every job is personal. We have worked on projects ranging from single private dwellings to 200+ homes.

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Company Mantra

Our Philosophy

Continual research into ceramic products has led us to adopt a new, modern approach to our business partners. The added value we aim to generate lies in the ability to “industrialize ideas”, where the professional or customer is not external to the process but plays an active role in the conception and creativity phases.

“We thrill our customers with great designs and value proposition driven by continuous improvements in the tile industry for creativity, innovation, efficiency, and customer service”.

“We are committed to designing and supplying the best tiles to be the market and brand leader”.

To continue providing unrivaled service and exceptional value for money to our growing customer base we believe in:
  • Quality & Customer-Centric: We strive to provide the highest quality of products with the objective to add value to the success of our customers.
  • Continuous Improvement: We consistently strive to improve our products, services, internal practices, skills, and overall culture of the organization through incremental and breakthrough progress.